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Many Faces of a Contemporary Sculpture

The beauty of a sculpture, particularly a contemporary sculpture, is that it can look so different in any number of situations.  The metal is the same, the sizes of the elements are the same, yet different views at different times provide a fresh beauty.  Capturing the Moon, an 8 foot bronze sculpture, has provided a prime… Read more »

Sneaking A Peak At A Stainless Steel Sculpture

Sculpture placement is always part of the fun in acquiring a new piece.  Should the contemporary metal sculpture be forward facing, be able to be viewed 360 degrees, should it be viewed from afar or up close?   Public art acquisitions usually start with a location and then the sculpture is purchased to fill that specific… Read more »

Contemporary Sculpture In The Gardens

After a very rainy spring, the gardens are finally in full bloom and it is a true pleasure meandering through the flowers, bushes and grasses.  Contemporary metal sculpture in the garden enhances this total experience! How about a large scale sculpture as the main focal point in your garden?  It is the one thing that… Read more »

Going Green With Stainless Steel Sculptures

One of the unsung benefits of using stainless steel in the creation of contemporary metal sculptures is the fact that almost all stainless steel manufactured today is made using scrap stainless steel. In an era where recycling is at the top of everyone’s mind, this is truly a benefit.  And in fact, the stainless steel… Read more »

Care and Maintenance of Stainless Steel Sculpture

The materials utilized in the stainless steel sculptures of Kevin Robb are of an 11 gauge steel or stronger, depending on the size and structure of the piece.  All of Kevin’s stainless steel sculptures are sprayed with a polymer resin blend coating called ProtectaClear, supplied by Everbrite (www.  This clear, blended coating assures a… Read more »

How Long Does It Take To Build A Monumental Sculpture?    A lifetime!  A monumental sculpture doesn’t “just happen”.  And wonderful “accidents” don’t just happen either.  A contemporary sculptor has spent years learning, experimenting, discovering shapes, lines, negative spaces and the relationship of all these elements to create a fabulous design.  It is the maturity of the sculptor, not just age, but the maturity of… Read more »

Contemporary Stainless Steel Sculpture

“Sagitta” is the latest contemporary metal sculpture that has been created by Kevin Robb.  Once again, our welders laugh as they think about all their training in welding straight lines.  This contemporary sculpture twists and turns and intersects at all sorts of different angles.  The beauty of these large metal sculptures is that the lines… Read more »

Contemporary Sculptures In The Spring Gardens

Don’t ever believe that stainless steel sculptures are “just silver colored”.  The grind marks on the contemporary scultpures along with the assemblage of the various elements creates a dynamic visage.  And nothing is more enlightening than to see stainless steel sculptures shining bright after a spring rain! This time of year everything seems more intense… Read more »

Sculpture and the Neighbors

When someone mentions public art the first thing that comes to mind is a large scale sculpture in a park, or maybe a corporation that has placed a contemporary sculpture in the front of their building.  But, what about sculpture on private property that can be viewed by the general public? Placing large scale sculpture… Read more »