Kevin Installs Major Sculpture in Business Park in Denver  (May, 2018)

A high-impact aluminum sculpture was installed in a roundabout in the Denver Tech Center.  Kite Festival is aptly named as this circular sculpture features different solid and perforated elements between four anchor poles juxtaposed in a random manner.  This sculpture is light and airy and yields a unique dimension which creates a festival feel of gathering and an uplifting experience.  Not only is it exciting to drive around the sculpture it is also a wonderful experience looking down upon it from the neighboring office buildings.  Working with NINEdot ARTS and United Properties, Kite Festival puts the finishing touches to the Inova Development!

Public Art-Kevin Robb
Kite Festival


Public Art-Kevin Robb
Kite Festival





Kevin’s Story and Sculpture Featured at Denver International Airport (April – June, 2017)

The Art Gallery at DIA features Kevin’s monumental sculptures through large photographic, wall murals along with his smaller more intimate works throughout the gallery. The exhibit also includes Kevin’s personal story about his life-altering stroke and his remarkable artistic journey since then. Please see the blog post for further details.

Public art - DIA
Kevin Robb Featured at DIA


Sculptures Heading to Coconut Grove, FL  (December, 2016)

The Coconut Grove Residences on Fort Lauderdale Beach have acquired 2 beautiful stainless steel sculptures to be placed along the walkway down to the beach.  The Residences are contemporary in style and the 2 sculptures pull that contemporary feel right toward the waters.  What a fabulous transition from building to nature.

Stainless steel sculpture-Kevin Robb
Flying Kites Coconut Grove

Animal Rescue League of Pittsburgh Acquires 2 Kevin Robb Sculptures (November, 2016)

The newly constructed Animal Rescue League of Pittsburgh has been gifted 2 stainless steel sculptures by a very generous collector.  The ARL was formed in 1909 to care for and find permanent, loving homes for animals.  They are the only facility that also rehabilitates wild animals native to Pennsylvania that have been harmed or displaced by encounters with man.  This new facility will have a 12 foot stainless steel sculpture in the front of the building greeting guests and the second sculpture is being placed towards the rear entrance.  This location is fun since the sculpture can be seen inside, looking down a long hallway.

Sculpture at Animal Rescue League
Dueling Wings at Animal Rescue League

Monumental Sculpture Installed in Little Rock, AR  (October, 2016)

Deltic Timber has acquired Kevin’s 18 1/2 foot tall “Serenading the Clouds”.  This fabulous stainless steel sculpture will make a true statement in the median leading to the area of Chenal, AR.  The purchase was through the Sculpture at the RiverMarket, the annual all-sculpture show that we are honored to participate in every year.

Public Art - Kevin Robb
Serenading the Clouds

Kevin Robb Studios Receives Mayor’s Partnership Award  (September, 2016)

The crew here at Kevin Robb Studios is honored and grateful to accept the Mayor’s Partnership Award from the City of Wheat Ridge.  We have always felt as if it is our privilege to live and work here and to be recognized as a true partner with the Mayor and the City is very special.  To quote Mayor Jay, “Each year the Mayor gives out a special award that recognizes a company or group for their overall contribution to Wheat Ridge. This award incorporates criteria from all award categories as well as contributions in volunteerism, leadership, and community investment. It’s my honor to give this year’s award to a business that has been in Wheat Ridge for quite a while and has continually helped guide the look and feel of our community.  This business and their owners work tirelessly on making Wheat Ridge a place of beauty and interest.”  It even comes with a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition!

Kevin Robb Receiving Award
KRS Award


Another International Collector  (September, 2016)

We were honored to have a wonderful gentleman from Oslo, Norway purchase a stainless steel sculpture for his newly build home.  We hope it brings him years of enjoyment!  It is always fun and exciting to increase our international collector base.

Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens Gifted 2 Sculpture  (December, 2015)

The Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens in Pittsburgh, PA has been gifted two Kevin Robb Sculptures by an extremely generous collector of Kevin’s work. Phipps Conservatory is the cultural and architectural centerpiece of Schenley Park and focuses on green-building practices, sustainable gardening and environmental awareness. “Flute Dance”, a 12 foot stainless steel sculpture is located in the courtyard atrium of the Center of Sustainable Landscapes and the second sculpture, “Dancing Triangles” at 12 foot is adjacent to this beautiful new building. What a natural placement for Kevin’s graceful and dynamic sculptures.

Phipps Conservatory-Kevin Robb
Dancing Triangles at Phipps Conservatory

Color Outside The Lines  (July, 2014)

The “Calypso Collection” is highlighted in this very unique show at the Republic Plaza in downtown Denver. Hosted by Arts Brookfield and curated by Andra Archer, the brochure reads: “ is a singular exhibit featuring artists who take COLOR beyond a confined line of artistic expression, creating art that is infused or exploding with COLOR, using unique materials and design elements as their palette.” The “Calypso Collection” was a natural for this show!

Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities  (June, 2014)

We are honored to be asked to participate in the Arvada Center’s Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition which is being held in partnership with the Museum of Outdoor Arts. The exhibition will include 17 Colorado sculptors and we will be exhibiting 2 large stainless steel sculptures for the year long show. Beginning with this initial exhibition of approximately 30 artworks of various significant sizes, media and scope, the Center aims to phase in a full-blown contemporary sculpture park over the next four to eight years.