“There are always more sculpture ideas in my head than could ever be produced in a lifetime.”

Sculpture Ideas, or lack of such, have never been a challenge for Kevin Robb, time and resources are the only limiting factors. Sketchbooks and computer files are filled with numerous concepts and ideas that need to escape from the confines of Kevin’s mind.  Technology today assists in this process. Utilizing the 3D software program SketchUp Kevin is able to formalize the concepts.  These ideas are then flatten into 2d versions for easy viewing and sharing. This process also highlights the beauty, timelessness and strength of Kevin’s designs that are so strong in any size – table top, garden sized, and monumental. Kevin Robb Studios then has the capabilities to go from the design to finished metal sculpture.

Swinging LibrarySunriseColorburstStainless Steel Concept 4Public Art Concept 9Line DancingStainless Steel Sculpture Concept 3Wall Sculpture Concept 2Stainless Steel Concept 2Monumental Sculpture 6 BacksideStainless Steel Concept 5Public Art Concept 7Wall Sculpture Concept 1Contemporary Bronze SculptureMonumental Sculpture 6Swirling Library UpclosePublic Art Concept 8Stainless Steel Concept