Kevin Robb creating contemporary metal sculptures
Kevin Robb in Studio

Over the past three decades, renowned Colorado metal sculptor Kevin Robb has made his mark on the national and international art scene. With a unique style and consummate welding quality that have defined and differentiate his work, Kevin’s contemporary metal sculptures are not created according to a set plan. The placement of each element is an answer to a question of relationships, which he discovers as the work is in progress. He becomes one with the metal and intuitively knows the precise twists and turns that will be required to achieve the desired result of a dynamic contemporary sculpture.

Today, Kevin Robb creates contemporary metal sculptures in stainless steel, bronze, and aluminum – magnificent works crafted by Kevin since he suffered a massive stroke in 2004. He arrives daily in the studio with his slow, cane assisted walk and limited vocabulary of about 100 words and works diligently with the men that have been hired to be his hands.  Kevin directs the staff in every cut, angle, curve and weld.  He’s like a maestro in the studio demanding the sculptures be created according to his vision as well as maintaining the high quality craftsmanship his reputation is built upon.

Although he has been challenged physically, Kevin continues to create the contemporary metal sculptures that he loves so much. His ideas remain free flowing and his commitment to quality is as high as ever—with a resolve that offers a physical testament to the dedication, expertise, and amazing recovery of this remarkable artist.


Good Day Colorado’s Center of Attention with Kevin Robb

“Expressive sculptor Kevin Robb may not be able to verbalize, but his artistic take on life is evident in the magnificent pieces he sculpts in stainless steel and bronze.”

– Courtney Drake-McDonough, Colorado Expression Architecture & Design