Sculpture placement is always part of the fun in acquiring a new piece.  Should the contemporary metal sculpture be forward facing, be able to be viewed 360 degrees, should it be viewed from afar or up close?   Public art acquisitions usually start with a location and then the sculpture is purchased to fill that specific need.  Private collectors on the other hand can either have a designated space that requires a specific shaped sculpture to complete the space or the collector will come upon a metal sculpture that really excites their senses and the location becomes secondary.  Then, there are the accidental treasures.

One of these accidental treasures came to my attention having coffee with the neighbor on her deck this weekend.  The fence and bushes keep our sights separate from one another and hide any activity that is less than 6 feet in height.  “Playing Ball”, a large scale sculpture is the main focal point of Kevin Robb Studios sculpture garden and we enjoy the full view of this sculpture on a daily basis.  At 16 feet in height it is demanding in its presence and all of its elements are present to give the viewer the full benefit of the total piece.  Sitting on the neighbor’s deck I witnessed a hint of the back side of this sculpture as it rose above the fence and bush sight line.  Only a partial view of one of the elements of this contemporary stainless steel sculpture could be seen –

Neighbor's View "Playing Ball"

and it was breath taking.  Surrounded by the green of the trees and the bright blue sky, the stainless steel peaked through and was a treasure in itself.