When someone mentions public art the first thing that comes to mind is a large scale sculpture in a park, or maybe a corporation that has placed a contemporary sculpture in the front of their building.  But, what about sculpture on private property that can be viewed by the general public?

Placing large scale sculpture on your property illicits numerous responses and it is such fun to hear the neighbor’s reactions.  One of the favorite comments was an elderly neighbor that would watch from afar as the metal sculptures would come and go from the studio.  One day Kevin was spraying water on the stainless steel sculpture to clean it and this gentleman yelled from across the street “Kevin, no matter how much you water it, you know it’s not going to grow!”

Then there was the neighbor that came out of her house yelling at Kevin to stop moving the sculpture that had graced a corner of the sculpture garden for a couple of years.  Kevin looked at her quizzically as she explained that she could see that particualr sculpture from her kitchen window, had grown very fond of it, and didn’t want it moved.

Just this morning a woman was walking her dog, stopped, and asked who the artist was.  She stated that the sculptures displayed in the yard were such a boost to the neighborhood.  Her daily walks always entailed walking by our sculpture garden just to enjoy some art.  What a beautiful complement!

"Chop Sticks"