The materials utilized in the stainless steel sculptures of Kevin Robb are of an 11 gauge steel or stronger, depending on the size and structure of the piece.  All of Kevin’s stainless steel sculptures are sprayed with a polymer resin blend coating called ProtectaClear, supplied by Everbrite (www.  This clear, blended coating assures a lifelong, lustrous look.  As with any metal that is outdoors, a gradual darkening may occur over the period of many years.

To clean the sculptures from everyday dirt and grime, simply wash down the sculpture with a mild soap and water.  A clean, soft towel can then be used to dry any water spots.

"Flying Kites"

Yup, it’s that simple!  DO NOT ever use a cleaner on stainless steel that is abrasive, contains copper or iron, minerals, chlorine or window cleaning solutions.  In the event of vandalism with an etching tool it will be necessary to physically grind the surface with a new 80 grit 7″ sanding disc and then reapply a coating over the sanded are.