One of the unsung benefits of using stainless steel in the creation of contemporary metal sculptures is the fact that almost all stainless steel manufactured today is made using scrap stainless steel. In an era where recycling is at the top of everyone’s mind, this is truly a benefit.  And in fact, the stainless steel industry prides itself on having an estimated End of Life recycling ratio of anywhere from 80-92%.  The makeup of stainless steel, which consists of iron, chromium, nickel, molybdenum and other valuable raw minerals, is what makes recycling of this steel so viable.  Also, when stainless steel is recycled, the end result has no loss of quality.

Looking for an edge in acquiring your LEED certification?  Try stainless steel sculptures!  A large, monumental sculpture in front of an office building or in a public art arena can be such a defining element to a project.  How awesome to be creating contemporary sculpture using stainless steel and knowing thatthis particular metal industry has such an excellent environmental track record.