After a very rainy spring, the gardens are finally in full bloom and it is a true pleasure meandering through the flowers, bushes and grasses.  Contemporary metal sculpture in the garden enhances this total experience!

How about a large scale sculpture as the main focal point in your garden?  It is the one thing that a person sees when they turn that corner into the gardens; but it is just not the sculpture – it is

"Playing Ball" and Bobo the dog
Stainless Steel Sculptures in the gardens of Kevin Robb Studios

the total experience.  The colors, the aroma, the feeling of awe in witnessing the beautiful, graceful shapes of a contemporary stainless steel sculpture enhancing the ambience of the total garden experience.

Public parks have utilized large scale sculpture for years to enhance the experience of their parks.  Individuals can experience that same awe-inspiring feeling by placing contemporary stainless steel sculpture in their own personal gardens.