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Monochromatic Color and Sculpture in the Gardens

Monochromatic color comes to life with stainless steel sculptures in the garden!  When a person thinks about metal sculpture, color isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind, but it certainly is a basic design element in the sculpting process. Color is often used to highlight the various shapes and attracts the eye to… Read more »

Kevin Featured in Western ART & Architecture

Welding stainless steel -Kevin Robb in Studio

This wonderful magazine with the great byline From Cowboy to Contemporary features Kevin Robb as a sculptor living in the western part of the United States, has an incredible personal story, and creates fabulous large scale stainless steel sculpture. This article focuses on the fabrication of the work. The process of fabricating large scale contemporary… Read more »

Passionate About Art – Across the Industry!

Passionate About Art-Kevin Robb

One of the true benefits of being an artist is the passion that encompasses everyone you encounter in this industry. And yes, artists are passionate about art, otherwise they wouldn’t even be involved in this industry. “And passion is more than just enthusiasm or excitement, passion is materialized into action to put as much… Read more »

How To Install a Large Outdoor Sculpture

The installation of a large outdoor sculpture is a fairly easy process.  The following steps is how Kevin Robb Studios approaches the process. Safety always comes first!  Everyone on site is instructed that if for any reason the sculpture starts to fall, twist, gets out of control – everyone out of the way.  A metal… Read more »

5 Questions to Ask Before Purchasing Sculpture

Purchasing sculpture, whether an interior piece or an large outdoor sculpture, can be a truly exciting experience.  Follow these simple steps to assure your success in bringing metal art into your surroundings. Does the sculpture speak to you? No, I’m not talking about an Alexa experience, I’m talking about a sculpture that catches your eye… Read more »