Artwork, whether it is a metal sculpture or a pastel landscape, has an amazing influence on an environment, and let’s face it – it’s energizing to change up your space! How many times have you been experiencing a slump and needed a burst of fresh energy? Consider new artwork! Not only does artwork enliven a space, it is a great conversation starter. This past week we had the benefit of hanging a 6’ x 6’ woven wall hanging in our sitting room. At first it was, won’t this be too big for our space? Then it was, is it in the budget this month? Then, after seeing the piece in person, we knew it had to find its’ permanent placement within our home. The transformation of energy was staggering. The sitting room is now fresh and fun and feels like we have been granted a whole new space. Slump be gone! The social aspect of new artwork is also a wonderful, unsung benefit. Neighbors walking by, who are accustomed to seeing our stainless steel sculptures in the gardens, are invited inside to view the latest addition to our art collection, friends are contacted to share the good news, and cocktail conversation is enlivened with the story of the acquisition. Then the nighttime settles in and sitting in the room with this new beautiful wall hanging brings a sense of renewed energy and peace. Thanks to Stan Meyer for doing such beautiful work.  It is said that one should only purchase artwork that speaks to you and there is a very valid reason for this – it transforms you. Whatever your personal preference is in artwork – metal sculpture to pastel landscapes, let new artwork enter your life and experience the warmth, joy and fun that it brings to your space and your life!