Purchasing sculpture, whether an interior piece or an large outdoor sculpture, can be a truly exciting experience.  Follow these simple steps to assure your success in bringing metal art into your surroundings.

  1. Does the sculpture speak to you? No, I’m not talking about an Alexa experience, I’m talking about a sculpture that catches your eye and there is an immediate connection that brings you back to see it one more time, then one more time again. Is there an innate feeling that keeps you coming back?  Sometimes these feelings can be explained by the subject matter, by understanding what the artist is trying to say, sometimes not. And after the sculpture is in your home you can be assured that it will continue to have that emotional pull.
  2. Where will you place this sculpture? This is always tricky because the initial reaction is that it will take up too much space, or not enough space!  A collector may have a very specific location in mind and the sculpture that excites them doesn’t necessarily meet the physical requirements for the location.  This is the time to think beyond the initial, specified location.  Is it an interior sculpture that could be placed outside?  How about a garden sculpture that would be fun in the center of your entry? Who says a chair has to be along a blank wall where no one will ever sit anyway – why not a metal sculpture that sparked an emotion?
  3. What is the quality of the craftsmanship of this sculpture? Yes, when you are purchasing a sculpture and the price appears to be a steal, there probably is a reason.  Will the sculpture stand up to shipping?  Are the welds solid or will they pop in moving it?  Are the edges too sharp for a public area? If the sculpture is outdoors how will it stand up to the weather and how will it be cleaned?
  4. How will the sculpture be displayed? Does the metal sculpture need permanent securing or can it sit on its own?  Would a plinth be appropriate to raise it to a more pleasing height?  Or a berm in a garden area to bring attention to the outdoor sculpture?  Would the proper lighting make the sculpture truly come alive?  Is the sculpture meant to be viewed from one side or is it delightful from all angles?
  5. Do you like it? Yes, this is an over-simplification but so very powerful and important! The joy of purchasing sculpture is to surround yourself with items that you have an emotional attachment to and that brings you pleasure. This is the reason for collecting art!  

Keep these five questions in mind when purchasing sculpture and you’ll have an enjoyable time as well as be pleased for years to come with the final purchase

Metal art-Viorna II
Viorna II – Contemporary stainless steel sculpture by Kevin Robb