Monochromatic color comes to life with stainless steel sculptures in the garden!  When a person thinks about metal sculpture, color isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind, but it certainly is a basic design element in the sculpting process. Color is often used to highlight the various shapes and attracts the eye to other design elements of the sculpture – sometimes it is subtle and other times not.

One such use of the color design element is monochromatic color.  This is a color scheme based on only one, single color.  It is the variances of that one color that adds depth and interest to the sculpture. A stainless steel sculpture with a brushed grind finish, such as Kevin Robb’s sculptures, is considered monochromatic, but it certainly isn’t staid, boring or monotonous! Monochromatic can be such a misnomer! When the light bounces off the various metal grind marks the stainless steel sculpture comes to life! The reflections can be bright or matte, depending on the light.

The light rays reflect in any number of angles bouncing off the grind marks. On just one element of a stainless steel sculpture it could be a bright light reflecting, then with a curve in the sculptural element the light softens, then it can have a dark look of being in the shade, then back to bright just like that! Sometimes the sculpture in the garden absorbs the reflections of colors nearby, such as the bright colors of flowers in full bloom reflecting up onto the stainless steel sculpture.

And let’s not forget the boldness, yet softness, of the light emanating from a bright, full moon. The moon rays shine upon the sculpture in a soft dance that can be the most romantic situation one can imagine! This is the beauty of a well-designed sculpture in a garden utilizing monochromatic color!

Monochromatic color and sculptures in the garden
Kevin Robb Sculpture Garden