This wonderful magazine with the great byline From Cowboy to Contemporary features Kevin Robb as a sculptor living in the western part of the United States, has an incredible personal story, and creates fabulous large scale stainless steel sculpture. This article focuses on the fabrication of the work.

The process of fabricating large scale contemporary metal sculpture starts with cutting sheets of metal. The individual cut pieces are then rolled into various curves. (as a side note, Kevin’s staff laughs that they think he doesn’t know what a straight line is!) The rolled pieces are welded together to create a boxed elements. These boxed elements are then hung from the crane system in the studio and Kevin starts looking intently at the relationship between these elements. The juxtaposition of the elements is a process – an inch here, a twist there, to find just the right intersections. When the elements are positioned to a point that excites and inspired Kevin, he knows instinctively the sculptural idea is complete. The elements are marked, taken down from the crane system and the fabrication (welding) begins. This is the process of creating Kevin Robb’s iconic metal sculptures!

Thanks Western ART & Architecture for the acknowledging a great artist in the great west!