The installation of a large outdoor sculpture is a fairly easy process.  The following steps is how Kevin Robb Studios approaches the process.

  1. Safety always comes first!  Everyone on site is instructed that if for any reason the sculpture starts to fall, twist, gets out of control – everyone out of the way.  A metal sculpture can be fixed, a human body not always!  Hard hats, safety cones, safety vests, etc…
  2. The basing.  Installing a Kevin Robb stainless steel sculpture for an example, at 15 feet in height, it is recommended a concrete base at least 8 inches larger on all sides than the footprint of the sculpture.  The depth of the pad should be at least 12 inches if it is in a fairly secured environment, or 18 inches if it is exposed to stormy weather.  If the sculpture is placed in a colder environment the depth of the pad should be below the freeze level.
  3. The lift.  We typically use a truck mounted crane or an extendable reach forklift.  The minimum reach of the crane must be at least as tall as the sculpture as well as any rigging.  For a 15 foot in height, 550 pound stainless steel sculpture, we would order a crane that extends at least 20 feet and has a minimum capacity of 1000 pounds.  Don’t forget to have a plan to remove the rigging after the sculpture is placed. Yes, speaking from experience!
  4. Tab placement.  Kevin Robb sculptures are built with 4 tabs on the inside of the base that stainless steel all-thread is screwed into and extends into the concrete pad.  Using a template, drill holes into the concrete to accept the all-thread.
  5. Placing the sculpture.  Using the crane to position the sculpture above the pad, the sculpture is lowered onto the pad to verify the all-thread aligns with the holes in the concrete.  At this point the sculpture is raised up high enough to allow the holes to be filled with quick setting epoxy.  The sculpture is then lowered to the pad with the all-thread going into the epoxy filled holes.

Of course each sculpture is different and has its’ unique challenges but following these simple steps, the large outdoor sculpture will be secured and have a clean look to it.  Now, sit back and enjoy the sculpture!

Stainless Steel Sculpture Install
Installing Stainless Steel Sculpture