It has always been pure joy to experience a sculpture “coming alive” and this process can take on many forms.  A new sculpture being created in the studio is a free flowing process, cutting the metal and welding the different curves.  Then, stepping back and letting the metal speak to what needs to happen next to create a fabulous new design; a process that is a continuing journey where one must be patient to witness the final destination.  The process is slow, labor intensive, and can take weeks or months to produce a new sculpture.  The joy though, comes in touching and feeling the metal and experiencing the natural flow of utilizing ones’ hands to create a thing of beauty.

Then there is the building of a sculpture for a public art project where the creative process takes place on the other end of the spectrum by using a computer with 3d software.  Instead of metal being bent and stepping back to appreciate the flow, it is a move of the hand on the mouse to witness a new curve, a new angle, a new juxtapostion of the elements.  This process is fast paced with the instant grtafication of visualizing a new design.  Which process is better?  I must admDiscovering The Stars dWR Sketchit I thoroughly enjoy both!