Creating contemporary metal sculpture is a continuous lesson in humility. A sculptor would like to believe he is in charge of the creative process, but stainless steel seems to have a mind of its own. The steel is unforgiving and rigid in its mindset, and for this we must be thankful. Consider for a moment what the world would look like without this fabulously strong metal! Then, take these same strong elements and imagine what they could create. What fabulous design is awaiting within the confines of its’ own strength? As the metal is cut, bent, welded and conjoined, with similarly strong tools, the metal has a subtle way of going in its own direction. As creative ideas start to become reality, the trick for the sculptor is to not fight the metal but work with it. The most creative and wonderfully contemporary metal sculptures happen when the sculptor’s ego is put aside and the metal is allowed to work with the artist. And the luster of the stainless steel also tells a story. The final design is enhanced by this luster, as the artist continues the creative process by also working with the exterior beauty of this wonderful, beautiful metal we call stainless steel.

Metal Sculpture - Kevin Robb
Kevin Robb, Metal sculptor in studio