In creating large scale sculptures, or any sculpture for that matter, it all starts with a dream; the dream of turning metal into something unique, transforming a flat sheet of stainless steel into a living object.  The art of creating scultpure in a smaller sized version allows the artist to feel it, change it, look at it from 360 degrees and make any necessary changes that it requires to create that dream that is dancing within the sculptor’s head.  In building large scale sculpture, this freedom is lost.  The logisitics of building monumenntal sculptures removes the freedom of literally picking up the material and “feeling” what needs to happen.  Any changes, even the slightest variations, requires incredicble changes throughtout the whole process, much less any engineering that has already been approved and stamped.

Enter the maquette.  What a glorious means of visualizing a monumental sculpture!  A maquette can be made with the same material to be utilized in the large scale scultpure and the artist can tweak till his heart’s content!  A maquette is also instrumental in sharing the vision of the large scale sculpture the the client, be it a personal collector or a public arts venue.

"Dancing Triangles" Maquette