A maquette is often required for a public art project, and rightly so.  Any time the public is acquiring a piece of art work the public has the right, and obligation, to know exactly what it will be receiving for its monies, and this is just the reason there are so many meetings, committees and processes established.  Enter the maquette – a three dimensional sculpture upon itself.  Will a maquette guarantee what the final sculpture will look like?  Not necessarily.  A maquette in one size doesn’t necessarily translate to a larger size.  It requires the artist to oversee every aspect of the building of the larger, final sculpture to assure the “look” he is envisioning.  A truly awesome sculpture will have the feel and emotion of the artist as part of its very being, and these ethereal aspects aren’t always translated from small to large.  It takes the experienced, fully engaged, artist to tweak here and tweak there to assure the true beauty of the final, installed sculpture.