A couple of months ago Kevin began creating a new major stainless steel sculpture. After many sketches created with a 3d program, he settled on a four element design. This is a very unique design for him as he has always shied away from sculptures with an even number of elements. An odd number of elements in a sculpture, or any other design project for that matter, have a natural dynamic, a natural tension, and thus the majority of his works are created utilizing 3 elements. Four elements take a special design to make it strong and not repetitive, bringing the dynamics of space into the design that doesn’t come naturally. Kevin, as an experienced sculptor, accomplishes this.

“Serenading the Clouds” was introduced into the sculpture garden this last week and it is certainly an exciting new sculpture to Kevin’s repertoire. Soaring into the air at 18 ½ feet it demands the attention it deserves!

Serenading The Clouds
“Serenading the Clouds” 18 1/2 feet in height


Standing beneath the sculpture.
Standing beneath the stainless steel sculpture.