Not as much as the 15 ton of illegal drugs that was confiscated this last week!  There’s a number that can’t even be fathomed!  The first step to estimating the weight of a large scale sculpture is to look at the materials are being utilized and the quantity.  Then it’s just basic math.  A 4×8 sheet of 10 gauge stainless steel weighs 181 lbs so if a 6 foot sculpture utilizes 2 sheets – 382 lbs.  As the sculptures become larger, the material needs to be of a heavier gauge for strength and support.  Also, the larger the sculpture, the more internal support must be used and all of a sudden the weight starts to add up in a hurry.  “Sailing Into The Sky” at 11 feet in height is only 280 lbs.  On the other hand, “Playing Ball”

“Playing Ball” with Kevin and Bobo
“Sailing Into The Sky”

at 16 feet is 770 lbs.  The bottom line is that it’s nearly impossible to guess the exact weight of any sculpture that is one of a kind and hand fabricated;  the design, the size, the cut outs, the angles that bend into one another  play a role in the final weight.  It’s easy to estimate, difficult to calculate exactly, so each sculpture needs to be weighed upon completion.