The naming of a sculpture can be a true challenge sometimes. How does an artist name a sculpture?  Many times an artist will begin with an inspiration and name.  Not so with Kevin Robb!  He is all about the design. Often the original idea does start with an inspiration, a specific idea of what the latest stainless steel sculpture should be, and then the sculpture starts taking on its’ own personality.  More times than not the idea grows as the metal is rolled, welded, turned, lifted, twisted.  This is the case with Spinning the Line.  After the sculpture was completed Kevin stepped back and knew the original idea and inspirations was no where near what the final sculpture looked like.  This is then the challenge – how does an artist name his work?  The answer for this particular contemporary sculpture came with the visit from a dear friend.  This friend loves the outdoors – any activity involving anything without four walls.  She took one look at this sculpture and stated “It looks like spinning a line.”  Huh?  “It totally makes sense” she explained.  “The horizontal piece is the top of the river.  The higher up vertical piece is a trout breaking the surface as it grabs a fly thrown by the rod which is the lower vertical piece.  There’s even a good bit of tension in the rod from the weight of the fish so it’s bound to be a good fight.”  And this is how you name a sculpture – listening to friends!

Kevin Robb Stainless Steel Sculpture
Kevin Robb – Spinning the Line