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Kevin Robb Releases Monumental Sculpture

by Hadley Henriette

|  April 7, 2016

Serenading the Clouds

Over the past three decades, renowned Colorado metal sculptor Kevin Robb has made his mark on the national and international art scene.  With a unique style and consummate welding quality that have defined and differentiated his work, Kevin’s sculptures are not created according to a set plan. The placement of each element is an answer to a question of relationships, which he discovers as the work is in progress. He becomes one with the metal and intuitively knows the precise twists and turns that will be required to achieve the desired result. This was the process in the creation of “Serenading the Clouds”

A couple of months ago Kevin began creating a new major piece.  After many sketches created with a 3D program, he settled on a four element sculpture. This is a very unique design for him as he has always shied away from sculptures with an even number of elements. An odd number of elements in a sculpture, or any other design project for that matter, has a natural dynamic, a natural force, and thus the majority of his works are three elements. Four elements take a special design to make it strong and not repetitive, bringing the dynamics of space into the design that doesn’t come naturally. Kevin, as an experienced sculptor, accomplishes this.

One of Kevin’s greatest joys in life is being in the studio creating and this is where a new piece comes into play. The stainless steel has been cut out and the individual elements are welded together. When the elements are 80% complete he then starts assembling them into the dynamic sculpture that he is known for. The individual elements are hung from the crane system in the studio, the guys turn, twist, raise, lower, till he is excited about what he sees. The elements are then marked, taken down, and cut into one another so they can be conjoined into a continuous piece.  It is never exact to the sketch, the sketch becomes the general idea, the creation happens in the studio.

“Serenading the Clouds” soars into the air at 18 ½ feet and is 8 feet in width. It commands space and deals with the space around it with the strong, positive presence it displays.The brushed stainless steel finish catches the light in so many different ways.

This sculpture is available today.  Please call Kevin Robb Studios 303-431-4758

Looking Up Serenading The Clouds l