It is an artist’s work to inspire the world. Nothing can quite soothe and uplift the soul like a thing of beauty. It speaks a word of understanding and hope that sometimes no one could quite communicate to the grieving or sorrowful. And Kevin’s sculpture Fountain Spirit II does just that. This 12 foot stainless steel structure lifts its own arms to the sky in praise.

Fountain Spirit II e
With its beams designed to raise the eye to new heights, Fountain Spirit II naturally allows its viewer to relax his shoulders as he gazes upwards. Whether in a personal garden, office park, or public grounds, this work of art draws the weary to its feet and renews their spirits.
Because, as humans, we forget to look up, to look for hope, to revel in the abundance of life that is ours. We need those who are always pointing to a better way. And it’s no surprise that Kevin is one of those people.
His favorite sculpture, after all, is, “the sculpture that is about to become a reality,” to quote the January 2014 Kevin Robb Studios Newsletter. What speaks more of a hope than the constant turning towards a new creation? Or of joy than the ever appreciative eye, taking in all the world and transforming it into beautiful things?

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Sarah Ampleman