10. The shadows are awesome!  The sharpness of contemporary metal sculptures contrasted with the softness of the shadows.

9. The shapes draw you in.

8. Interesting and fascinating shapes 360 degrees.  H

Shadows from "Whimsical Dances", a 10 foot stainless steel sculpture.

ow about a large scale sculpture in a roundabout?

7. The moonlight dances off the angles of the contemporary metal sculpture.

6. The flowers reflect their colors up onto the stainless steel sculpture.  It never looks the same!

5. Wonderful conversation piece.

4. Enhances an environment into a vibrant area.  Perfect for public art arenas.

3. Minimal maintenance with stainless steel sculptures; keeps your life simple.

2. Creates a distinctive look and feel for your home.

1. And the number one reason, and most important reason, to buy a contemporary stainless steel sculpture?  It just feels good to have a beautiful metal sculpture in your life!