Boxes, piled high in the store room, screaming for attention.  After 33 years of stuffing items into boxes and 33 years of sculpting, it is time to purge.  What a history lesson for a sculptor!  First off, all the slides, slides, and even more slides; then, the piles, piles and even more piles of negatives.  Gone, thankfully, are the days of taking a zillion shots, having sides developed, then just setting them aside after discovering that one fabulous slide of that one fabulous stainless steel sculpture that was created, then destroyed.  Really, one picture of that one sculpture is plenty.  There is a reason that sculpture was destroyed!

An anthology of a person’s sculptural creations opens up a wide range of memories, trends and history.  Was that one design 30 years ago really the seed of a large scale stainless steel sculpture today?  I would tend to believe so.