“Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known.” Oscar Wilde

Once in a while a quote will jump out and speak directly to you, and this is the case with this quote. And let’s take it the next step, not in the creating of art but in collecting art. We have always encouraged collectors to buy what they love, not necessarily buy what the designer says, what color the couch is, nor to buy because the artist is up and coming and might prove profitable in the future.

There are some basic questions that need to be asked before a person should purchase a piece of art that will be a part of their lives:
1. Does the piece of art work speak to you?
2. Do you feel an emotional attachment to it?
3. Do you think about it? In a positive way?
4. When you walk by it does it stir some feelings within you? Sometimes these feelings can be explained by the subject matter or by understanding what the artist is trying to say, sometimes not.  Just because the artist sees something in it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to see the same thing.
5. Do you like it? How’s that for plain and simple, yet so very powerful!

The joy of collecting art is the joy of surrounding yourself with items that you feel an emotional attachment to and that bring you pleasure. That is the reason for collecting art.

"Visiting Orion"
“Visiting Orion”