Many people are curious as to my most favorite sculpture created in the last 30+ years of sculpting and the answer is easy – it’s the next one I’m about to build!  It is the creating that is the thrill!  Once a sculpture is completed the beauty of it lives on by itself and I have released it, and I receive pure joy to witness a person appreciating something I have created.  But my favorite sculpture of all times is the design that is embedded into my head and wanting to come to life.  Looking at a piece of stainless steel my head starts to dance – seeing a shape or design in something as simple as a tree, a cloud passing by, the shadows on a wall, and I am visualizing that next sculpture that must leave my thought processes.   Sketchbooks and napkins are filled with ideas that I haven’t the time to build, yet when I get into the studio, the metal beckons and the cuts and curves take on a life of their own.  This is my favorite sculpture of all times – the sculpture that is about to become a reality.