Kevin Robb’s Public Art Wins over Naysayers

Public art is always fraught with complexities, but even more so in a small, tight knit community such as Wheat Ridge, CO where we live and work.  The Mayor’s Public Art Initiative provided the means for the city to acquire a large, stainless steel sculpture created by Kevin.  Sure enough, the Mayor forwarded an e-mail from a gentleman that was distraught over “that ugly thing you call art”.  We e-mailed him back, introducing ourselves and invited him to the studio to meet Kevin and see what is involved in a monumental sculpture.  He thanked us, but never came by.

The dedication of this sculpture was a lively event and over 150 people attended.  We had no way of knowing if he was in the crowd or not.  The next day we received the most wonderful e-mail from this gentleman.  “I must eat some crow” it began.  “After the large sculpture was installed I went to see it and I have to admit that I am starting to like it.  You have won over a grumpy old man in the neighborhood”.  This was truly the best compliment we have ever received on one of Kevin’s public art sculptures!