One of the true benefits of being an artist is the passion that encompasses everyone you encounter in this industry.  And passion is more than just enthusiasm or excitement, passion is materialized into action to put as much heart, mind, body and soul into something as is possible.  Passion is a verb!  This has to be the best definition as quoted by Urban Dictionary.  Everyone recognizes the passion exhibited in artists as they would tirelessly in sharing their visions and creative thought processes through their work, but what about art consultants, gallery owners, collectors?  These individual exhibit their passion for the arts in so many different ways – and we recognize and celebrate this!

Think about just one piece of artwork, the artist working so hard at expressing their inner feelings and thoughts through the physicalness of creating that particular piece.  In our case, the creation of large scale metal sculpture takes months sometimes to complete. Then, the art consultant or gallery director takes a look at it and it is their passion to move that piece of beauty into the hands of a collector.  A collector, taking ownership of the same physical “thing” exhibits a true passion from wanting/needing to have it in their lives, in their homes, in their community.  It truly is incredible the passionate actions involved in a single piece of artwork.  The passion of art!

Stainless Steel Sculpture
Kevin Robb Stainless Steel Sculpture 20 feet in height