How does an artist go about naming a creation?  It depends on so many different factors including the artists’ intention of the piece as well as the individuals observing the sculpture.  A contemporary sculpture invites a viewer’s interpretation and many times a name on a piece will influence this interpretation. This week the naming of a sculpture took on a life of its’ own.  This stainless steel sculpture, standing at 9’4” in height, was just completed and standing gloriously outside the studio door, without a name.  A collector saw a glance of this sculpture in the background of a photo of a commissioned piece and was curious about it.  Sharing pictures of this new large scale sculpture the collector immediately named it.  He knew exactly what the sculpture said to him.  This collector now owns the sculpture physically as well as emotionally.  And isn’t this what art collecting is all about?  “Love Your Lover” is a beautiful stainless steel sculpture that has two large elements connected ever

"Love Your Lover"
“Love Your Lover”

so gracefully in the center and will be enjoyed and appreciated for years to come on the collector’s deck.