Stainless Steel Sculpture-Serenading the Clouds
Serenading The Clouds

Everyone’s a critic!  As a professional artist creating stainless steel sculpture for 30+ years I’ve grown accustomed to hearing opinions and have discovered that life just seems to go smoother for me if I don’t listen to any shared opinions – good or bad.  Some opinions though have true merit, and I listen carefully and try to absorb every word and facial expression; these opinions are from children who speak from the heart and are in the moment without trying to analyze or be worried about our feelings. These are invaluable opinions!

Then once in a while a person will come along, shares their unsolicited opinion, and I feel as if they truly grasp what I am saying through my metal sculpting, thoroughly understands what is involved in creating a stainless steel sculpture.  A gentleman visited the studio a while back, spending time looking at the contemporary metal sculptures I have created, and in his thank you note shared the following:

“I was literally inspired by the incredible grace and composition of every work observed, each one unique and telling a different story.  I especially like how “organically” he crafts surface/volume with such a difficult medium as sheets of metal, including an amazing sense of movement and body that almost breathes … some even remind me of musical instruments.   Simply spectacular, no other words fit.  He’s so humble in conversation, but a genuine artist, in the truest sense.”

Thank you Emil Tanner