on-pointeAfter a couple of years of concentrating on larger scale stainless steel sculptures, Kevin goes back to yesteryear  when he created the majority of his designs in fabricated bronze.  Kevin enjoyed working with this wonderfully pliable material again while creating On Pointe.  This 8 foot bronze sculpture is just out of the studio and being introduced into the sculpture gardens.  Bronze has a warmth to it that is unique to metals.  Whether stainless steel or bronze, the strength of Kevin’s design is in the metal that conveys his vision. Bronze sculptures are traditionally created with the lost wax method, pouring of molten bronze into a cavity that then creates a beautiful bronze sculpture.  Kevin on the other hand fabricates his sculptures – welding, not carving and then casting.  Starting with sheets of bronze the various elements are cut out and rolled with a metal roller.  Next, they are tack welded together, followed by final welding and then a patina is put on it. Creativity!