McCarran Business Center, Las Vegas, NV

A quote by Molly Shapiro, author of Point, Click, Love caught my eye and it really struck home. “Society likes to categorize its art. Why? Better to market it, I think. But how many people hate country music, yet love Patsy Cline? Find romantic comedies dreadful but adore When Harry Met Sally? Shun science fiction but are fascinated by Philip K. Dick?”

Is it contemporary?  Is it modern?  Is it post-modern?  What is it?  How many people state they don’t like contemporary art, yet enjoy the figures of Henry Moore?  Don’t appreciate a contemporary, non-realistic sculpture yet their favorite piece of jewelry is just that – a fabulous, non-realistic design?  This is truly part of the beauty of contemporary sculpture.  The dynamic designs of these sculptures sing and dance and stand on their own beauty.  Can you see that bird in the large stainless steel sculpture that sits in the roundabout of an intersection?  How about seeing a tree or a dog in that contemporary garden sculpture?  No one can state unequivocally that it is, or is not, a bird, tree or dog even if your imagination might see it.  How fun it can be to appreciate all categories of art!