Where does inspiration come from for an artist – the scenery, the people surrounding him, his meditations, nature?  Kevin Robb’s inspiration for his contemporary sculptures come from all of the above, plus everything else.  Kevin has been sculpting for over 33 years and has more sculpture ideas than will ever be able to come to fruition in his lifetime – the shadows cast upon an uneven ground shows  twists and turns that become part of his “Whimsical Series” stainless steel sculptures, the negative spaces created by the slats in a fence becomes the negative spaces in the multi-element sculptures, a ball laying alonside a bat  become part of his “sphere” series of garden sculptures. 

Inspiration comes in all forms and a sculptor has that special urge to take a viewed form to a new level.  And Kevin, being a contemporary sculptor does not necessarily see the image in a representational way but in an ethereal way that captures the essence of the image. Thus, the creation of a large, monumental stainless steel sculpture!