One of the many benefits of having sculptures in a garden are the surprises that present themselves.  A stainless steel garden sculpture is a treat in itself, but then hidden treasures come unannounced.  “Playing Ball” is a 16 foot sculpture that sits gently in front of a raised bed of bushes and flowers.  Viewing the negative spaces of this sculpture brings about two different scenes.  The lower element highlights the evergreens and brings a sense of calm, like looking through a window and seeing greenery in the dead of winter.  The negative space of the upper element brings the lightness of the bright blue sky.  But then the surprise – through the lower element “Playing With Kites“, a small 48” tall  stainless steel sculpture, presents itself.  A framed garden sculpture!

Playing Ball, Kevin and Bobo
“Playing With Kites” framed by “Playing Ball”