1.  Kevin’s designs are fabulous!  They are free flowing and graceful.  Contemporary and classic all at the same time.
  2. Kevin’s quality of craftsmanship is not to be compared!  All edges are ground smooth, the individual elements are cut into one another rather than just sat upon the top of each other and there are never any welds shown.
  3. Kevin’s sculptures are contemporary and bold and appeal to a very wide audience.  This is important for corporations so not to “be in the face” so to speak, or confuse or irritate, any potential clients.
  4. Kevin’s sculptural designs work fabulously in many different sizes, table top to garden to monumental sizes.  A large stainless steel sculpture at the entrance to a corporate headquarters can utilize that same design in a tabletop size to be awarded to top producers.
Dancing Triangles _MG_2403