Sculpture for commercial spaces is always a plus!

10. Placing large, outdoor sculpture in front of your commercial space makes it welcoming to the tenants and clients.  Who wouldn’t want to step into an office building that features sculpture?

9.  A contemporary sculpture in front of your office building separates it from the pack.  Make your office building be that one- of-a-kind.

8. A signature work of art can help brand your commercial space.  A commercial space can be known by it’s sculpture!

7.  A large, contemporary sculpture can mark the entrance of a commercial building.  Let your guests be welcomed by knowing just where to go!

6.  An abstract sculpture creates the feeling that something of importance happens here.  Nothing dull and run of the mill at this location!

5.  It’s just the right thing to do to incorporate art into a work space.  Supporting the arts is always a win/win situation for all.

4.  An outdoor metal sculpture enhances the total look and feel of your building.

3.  Incorporating a large, contemporary sculpture makes a profound impact on your commercial space by making it a known location.  Yes, we are the building that has that beautiful metal sculpture in front!

2.  The icing on the cake – sculpture puts the finishing touches to a project.

1.  And the #1 reason to include sculpture into a commercial space …… it creates that intangible sense of place that always pays off in the long term.

Sculpture for commercial spaces-Flying Kites

Flying Kites