In homes and offices we just assume there will be art on the walls and expect to see it when we walk into a room, but why limit it to just the indoors? Metal wall sculpture can be a true enhancement to any patio area! Many times those outdoor walls are cold and stark and we tend to just accept them as utilitarian but they certainly don’t need to be so. A splash of color, an interesting design, attention grabbing assemblage – this creates total interest to an otherwise predictable wall. Patios are generally designed as relaxation areas as is evidenced in the lounging furniture that is so prevalent and when the walls are ignored there is a missed opportunity for tying in design to the total area, making the area a completed designed space. Utilizing metal in a sculpture on an outdoor wall assures that the sculpture will withstand the test of weather and a person can place it and forget it. This alone can decrease stress in our otherwise busy lives!