A statue is always a sculpture but a sculpture is not always a statue.  OK, both are 3d in nature and both can be made from many different materials.  The difference is that a sculpture can be depicting anything, any thoughts, any ideas,  while a statue is a realistic image of a living thing, usually the human figure. When you  look at a sculpture you don’t necessarily know what it is depicting while when you look at a statue you know immediately that it is a human figure, or a dog, or a tree.

The attached picture is a great example of sculptures and statues.  The center sculpture is a bronze sculpture created by Kevin Robb titled “Radical 2” and is fabulous as a focal point in this garden.  The statues surrounding the pool are human figures.  The design of this garden is a fun example of utilizing both.

Just having fun with the English language, you can sculpt (verb) and work as a sculptor (noun) but you certainly can’t stat(verb ??) and work as a stator (noun ???)

"Radical 2"
“Radical 2”