It’s always an exciting time when a new garden sculpture is released from the studios of Kevin Robb!  Tumbling Isosceles is a delightful stainless steel sculpture that will enliven any garden.  Standing at attention at just shy of five feet, this metal sculpture is large enough to hold its’ own in an open area or secure a garden corner, yet intimate enough to enhance a special hideaway. The trio of triangles are each different and unique and when assembled as only Kevin can do, creates an illusion of elements that together are lively, vigorous and energetic.

Tumbling Isosceles by Kevin Robb
Tumbling Isosceles, garden sculpture by Kevin Robb

Imagine the joy of strolling through a garden, turning a corner that is out of view from the entrance, and being taken back by a delightful metal sculpture that grabs your attention.  This will definitely bring a smile to your face, and with this – the joy of the garden is intensified!  Or sitting on your deck taking in the beauty of your garden and seeing this garden sculpture in plain view, bringing heightened appreciation of your fabulous environment.

The process of creating sculpture is a joy that Kevin has never tired of even after 40+ years of creating!  And the ideas continue to just roll out of his imagination.  Take a basic shape such as a triangle, cut each one just a little different, curve the various pieces to their own personality, and let’s see what it looks like when they all meet up with one another.  Kevin stands back, observes, and then directs his welders to move this piece an inch here, another piece angled a bit different, and the process continues till he smiles, nods his head, and knows that this is the sculpture that is meant to be!  Let the finishing of metal begin!

Garden sculpture being made
Metal sculpture being created by Kevin Robbhttps://https/