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Ten Reasons Developments Have a Large Metal Sculpture

stainless steel sculpture-Flying Kites

When you are driving along does a large metal sculpture in front of a development catch your eye? Architecture, design, materials, signage, and landscaping play major roles in the attention factor of a business park, and sometimes it is something else – something that puts the finishing touch to the development. Check out this video… Read more »

Kevin Robb, Metal Sculptor Featured at DIA

Stainless steel sculpture

Kevin Robb, a Colorado metal sculptor,is featured in the Art Gallery at Denver International Airport. Large photographic wall murals share the monumental, stainless steel sculptures that have highlighted his career over the years. Along with the wall murals are a number of smaller stainless steel sculptures that capture the essence of his designs. Also highlighted… Read more »

Metal Sculpture – Does Stainless Steel Talk?

Creating contemporary metal sculpture is a continuous lesson in humility. A sculptor would like to believe he is in charge of the creative process, but stainless steel seems to have a mind of its own. The steel is unforgiving and rigid in its mindset, and for this we must be thankful. Consider for a moment… Read more »

The Power of Three

The best things come in threes. Or was that just celebrity deaths? –Either way, three is a powerful number. There is something oddly satisfying about a group of three: Three objects can create symmetry, three links can form a circle, and three phrases can make a list lyrical. In Kevin Robb’s latest sculpture in his… Read more »

Drawing Inspiration from Sculpture

It is an artist’s work to inspire the world. Nothing can quite soothe and uplift the soul like a thing of beauty. It speaks a word of understanding and hope that sometimes no one could quite communicate to the grieving or sorrowful. And Kevin’s sculpture Fountain Spirit II does just that. This 12 foot stainless… Read more »

Joining Forces: The Artist and His Art

If you ask any type of artist, they will tell you that the finished product is never exactly what they envisioned when they started creating. They will tell you that you can’t force anything, that you will completely ruin the art if you do. Creativity is not just making something from nothing, but being flexible… Read more »

Contemporary Sculpture Vs. Vectors

I’m a friend of the Robb”s and decided that I wanted to move to Colorado after finishing grad school. The Robb’s have graciously opened their home so I have a place to stay while job searching. By training and education I’m an analytical chemist. I like to know how and why things work; math, equations,… Read more »